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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 28, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: and i don't have time to think about it. i've got to find my plane tects, pack my bags and get ready for the next show. after all, i'm only one man. geoff: wow, that was beautiful. craig: wasn't it? yeah. yeah. i read regis' autobiography to geoff during the commercial breaks. you think you know me? you don't ooh-la-la know me! [laughter] i don't really know myself right now.
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[laughter] geoff: this is a good man, people. this is a man who would read to his gay robot friend even in the midst of illness. craig: and that's why i would like to announce my candidacy as a legitimate contender for the president of the united states. [applause] good night, everybody!
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quakes and question " the mysterious new diseases that spread to the bay area and the unusual way doctors treat it get the most bang for your buck @ grocery store the three friends and vegetables you should always buy organic and 50 not worth it. police say they are a mother
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and daughter crime to low a bay area mom on the run officers busted the 10 year-old girl for shoplifting at safeway, reporter kiet do explains the mom left her daughter holding the bag more than once. the plan was simple police said the 10 year-old daughter waited by the exit with a cart full of groceries and beer marcie keel and pulled up in the getaway car and take off the girl knew what she was doing? absolutely she knew she revealed she was doing was wrong she did not want to disappoint vermont it the merchandise triggerman an alarm and the shopping cart and locked up she sacrificed her daughter for own gang and she left that daughter. i don't get he saw the police take the
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daughter into custody and thought her reaction unusual this little girl had no emotion and was stoneface keeling called her daughter cellphone a morgan hill police officer answered he said come get your daughter and she said no can we talk to you real quick we have no comment the girl lives with her grandmother and the grandmother had no comment. police have been by several times the refrigerator was full of food what kind of mother would do this not a good one as selfish one those kind of individuals to not deserve to have children that little girl does not deserve the have that kind of parent. the getaway car a green ford explorer with wyoming tax appeal and his 38 years old 5-11 138
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lbs. if she did this before and got away with that she faces charges of burglary and contributed to dublin was the of a minor in morgan hill kiddos cbs 5 in nevada l a the 12 year old girl hit by a car has died she was riding her bicycle on nevada boulevard reporter elizabeth cook explains this was a stretch of road that is terrified parents for a long time it happened after 3:00 p.m. schools have let out at first thought my stepdaughter she goes to cheer practice at the high school his three kids go to the same school sinaloa middle school the 12 year old girl who collided with an s u v while riding her bike this intersection one of the busiest in town i saw the hellman and bicycle and a close it was released that
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and her husband was also hit by a car in the exact same area 20 years ago they fly down here and there is no speed limit posted police say it was a head-on collision the bicycle was traveling west and the s u v traveled east of their children ride their bikes to school and sometimes downright and the correct side of the road i'll explain they need to ride in a predictable way like cars folks 11 the area and set up a memorial with flowers and candles across the street from where the accident took place, police said the driver of the s u v is cooperating with them they don't think alcohol or drugs a factor sinaloa middle school sent out a statement to parents that will provide counseling for children tomorrow. elizabeth cook cbs 5 not uncommon to see
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marijuana growers in backyards tonight something different, you're looking at a pot garden that cover an entire neighborhood, if the south side of santa rosa are on more than avenue reporter christin ayers shows us police measure the bust by the time testing started yesterday morning with flash grenades i heard this bom bom bom i could not figure out what it was 15 people i rested and trucks were piled high with 1,000 lbs. of pot plants and $2 million worth it seems to me it has been no and not dangerous and that this happens 4 blocks in the south santa rosa neighborhood had become a pot grow in paradise every house a haven for marijuana this is one of the homes targeted they tore down a fence and entered on this side of the
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house what they found inside the control of marijuana plants at 24 in his backyard, some were growing higher than the fans in. in the summertime you can release mellon she has lived here 15 years, and says these signs were there with the smells i fans is wrapped in plastic so no one could see and it was clear that what was groin not to average garden and marijuana the tip of the iceberg it's beyond pot, if there is matt garrett a lot of gang fighting, it is sad authorities found evidence of cocaine math guns and $25,000 cash that authorities believe was fuelling gang activity i'd like to move now you never know what will happen next christin ayers cbs 5 campaign 2012 president obama and mitt romney but romney
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spend millions on their campaigns another candidate flies under the radar roseanne barr, the comedian in oakland tonight reporter juliette goodrich on her message to voters. comedian and former tv star roseanne barr running for president as the peace and freedom party candidate. bart telling voters she wants to legalize marijuana the night can get twice as many brownies she spoke at a panel at oaksterdam the nation's first cannabis trade school what is your message? democracy freedom and peace. roseanne barr is the peace and freedom candidate in california her name will be on the ballot in this state and other states as well. she's not done enough
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ballots to win but her supporters think otherwise we can get one person killed to save the one to legalize cannabis that will decide the election her supporters of the ticket will boost the peace and freedom registration juliette goodrich cbs 5 a california man behind a crude film market and the profit mohammad in jail, but not because of the found a judge ordered note: no koula to jail if he violated his parole from a check fraud conviction is also a flight risk of the foam, has sparked violent anti-american protests in many parts of the world. fog at their to nine a live look in downtown san francisco, you cannot see the, paul deanno tells us it will feel like summer
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a big change, with not had warm weather throughout the summer, the warmest we have been all year long 87 in san francisco, the warmest and oakland 85, we will get warmer than that soon details on the warm up coming up. it was like she was dozens of people have gotten sick now spread to the bay area the mysterious disease and now doctors think it started. stretch your paycheck and the produce aisle e don't always have to buy organic if you want chemical free food the 15 fruits and vegetables that are pesticide free sam pos and san small the fbi called in to,,,,,,,,,,
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a mysterious disease that appeared 6,000 mi. away has spread to the bay area, dozens of people got sick in asia and now a case in oakland, dr. kim mulvihill looks at the symptoms an unusual way doctors are treating it. at kaiser oakland medical center doctors a man examine a young asian woman with a persistent cough, the test
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reveal a bizarre surprise and unusual bacterial infection and organisms in with patients with advanced aids we did a biopsy in fact everywhere we poked with a needle she started to leak this organism from her body she did not have hiv kaiser specialist dr. roger baxter it the more we treated her the worst she didn't she received every antibiotic and that it worse and nothing worked and it seemed she was being eaten alive she was clearly dying and dr. baxter called the national institute of health for help she was asked to go back east in this young woman from oakland doctors detected a strange new disease and unusual
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illness that crops up in adulthood damages the immune system and makes patients unable to fight infection a mysterious disease since 2000 for his team at the nih has uncovered this and patients in thailand and taiwan leaving them to a multiple infections now found in patients in the west because, we don't why this is occurring it is interesting and scene predominantly in people of asian origin he believes genetics and the environment play a role this new adult acquired efficiency does not spread person to person ridiculous for someone to think that asians have been there for stay with and asians it is not at commendable disease no one will get it from someone
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else in the and i h just published a report in the journal of medicine helped to raise awareness that patients are properly diagnosed they can be treated and live saved i was really glad to help her and dr. baxters patient was treated with an auto immune drug today she is alive and well we have so much to learn there's really a lot about the immune system and infections we do not know. dr. kim mulvihill cbs 5 and supermarkets are filled with organic options usually more expensive with broken-down, the fruits and vegetables she might want to buy organic and conventional ones usda's as our client julie watts on how you can stretch your paycheck and the produce aisle she is proud of her produce we are pesticide free
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and pricey, these organic apples twice scored twice what conventional apples cost in the supermarket we are concerned about apples they have this particular high load of pesticides scientist rene char says apples and celery and bell peppers are the dirtiest of the so-called dirty doesn't produce with the highest levels of pesticides in some cases 15 different kinds even after washing is still see the residue on the produce was some fruits and vegetables always worth buying organic these are known as the clean 15, fruits and veggies that according to usda contain little or no pesticide residue typically are those fruits and vegetables she might peel before eating
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include pineapple cantaloupe watermelon onions and asparagus' peas and corn. she advises one by conventionally grown always pick produce grown in the u.s. well now lot of pesticides used in other countries which are not approved in the u.s. and not even tested in the west something to chew on the next time you go shopping julie watts cbs 5 the complete list of the cleanest and various fruits and vegetables at cbs s f dot com/consumer watch maybe the most recognizable piece of art on earth takes a good luck which one is the real mona lisa or are they both real reporter mark phillips on the debate that as art historians billing at double take. even the fbi ways and they sounded so convinced,
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leonardo's earlier version she looks familiar with this mona lisa looks like the old melissa after a nip and tuck she could be her younger sister in fact that the mona lisa foundation in geneva a group formed to investigate the painting insists this is a second melissa also painting by leonardo da vinci of the same woman when she was 10 years younger. to support their case they prepared a found providing and a rebel documents purporting to show leonardo painted the image twice, they provided scientific proof using modern scanning techniques and brought in an fbi specialist to show the 10 year younger mona lisa would have looked like this and they cited art experts. for me this is an original
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of leonardo no it is not say other experts like the man who wrote numerous books on leonardo get arthur cam from oxford university fish and is it is too perfect leonardo fiddled with his paintings and change things the second moon of lisa if that is what it is on for 100 years and an english country house them for 23 years kept in london before it was bought by henry pulitzer the american collector but now only it is claimed as the real thing. ,, i'm here to prove that mini babybel cheese packs a whole lotta something special
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thursday night forecast what the change will have over the next couple of days over the weekend highs in the '90s or one hundreds but tonight cloudy and chilly. you cannot see the thing from our roof tops.
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you cannot see the top of the pyramid. santa rosa down to 49, concord 56 oakland and san francisco lows in the mid 50s. a marine layer is still there and moves through the golden gate in. it changes are coming the process has started high pressure anchors itself to the north that begins in off shore when that will warm up the inland areas tomorrow, mother nature turns on fan #2 a flow around a low pressure area we get the off shore when all the way through the bay area and warms as of up to levels we've not seen the entire year, that means possible triple digits inland, sunday and monday will be the peak of the heat and likely the warmest weather this year. concord tomorrow 84, san jose
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79, the heat gets going saturday and sunday fremont's 78, palo alto 77, walnut creek fairfield 92, upper seventies for san rafael and petaluma. upper '90s inland, well into the 80s in the bay. four straight days in the '70s. the heat will and tuesday and back to normal wednesday. the a's hit five home runs today wasn't enough to beat texas how did stanford do in,,,,
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stanford's stock not of been higher without andrew luck after beating u.s. c, tonight david shaw us a thrill the cardinal at washington the had the lead late in the first quarter an interception and egos for the touchdown makes it 13-3 stanford under five minutes to go jayson williams gives washington a 17-13 lead, josh nunez wanted more but picked off that was the ball game stanford's offense held out of the first time since 2007. a's and rangers bob melvin hopes another rookie pitcher polls
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them through. one inning allowed two home runs makes it 5 nothing texas, the a's belted two home runs than josh rhetoric makes it patrick was 9-7 oakland, the rally fell short, the a's lose 9-7. four games behind the rangers in the division: maintains a two game lead in the wild-card standings. barry zito goes for his 14th win as a giant, the new kids helped him get at hunter pence with his 14th home run and marcos could grow gone, giants went 7-4 and the annual ritual the rookies are forced to dress up you could not see their faces. buster posey was subjected to the hazing not long ago.
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i had a short skirt that's another said former met keith hernandez had his famous moustache for 25 years but shaved it today to rise $10,000 for alzheimer's. the regular officials are back in the crowd in baltimore acted like they were the rolling stones maybe fans will get satisfaction. down goes frazier. the hit by canal ellerbee he walked off. the number one play, he brought it back that was travis snyder brought mike baxter alzheimer's i'm doing my
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